How to get a Full Custom Tattoo

1.  Do Your Research.
Find an artist on our site that does work you love and bring them an idea that’s suitable. For example, you wouldn’t ask for lettering from an artist that doesn’t show that expertise in their portfolio.

2.  Contact Us.
You are always welcome to come by the shop in person whenever is convenient for you. You can always call or email us to set up an appointment with your artist.

3.  Don’t Spend Too Much Time Trying to Perfect Your Own Tattoo Design. 
We are professional artists and designers. We design every tattoo we create. Book a free consultation and bring your ideas to work with your artist on the best design for your tattoo.

4.  Relax.
If you have done step one, then this should be easy. Trust your artist, get a good night’s sleep, and eat a meal before your appointment.

We’ll see you soon!


  • Consultation

  • Design Your Idea

  • Estimate & Schedule

  • Get Your Tattoo!

Full Custom Tattoo specializes in offering quality and affordable custom work. All artists are highly trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety & satisfaction for all of our clients.

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